Ana Bath SS5450CBN review

Our reviews are designed to help readers find a sensible, reliable match for their bathrooms. We analyze dozens of the market leaders as well as some of the lesser known products specifications in order to give people an idea of whether or not it will live up to your requirements.

In this article, we research into the SS5450CBN, which is a double shower head. What this means is, you get a combination of a handheld and fixed head in one package. It’s designed to produce five spray functions for variety and it operates on a 2.31 gallons per minute flow rate, which is slightly better than the most common 2.5 GPM.

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Main features

Dual heads give both the fixed experience and detachable. The detached product is fitted with a reasonably long sixty inch hose, and the fixed variant offers rainfall style spray through the five inch diameter face plate. But that’s not all, users can also switch between bubble, saturating, and massage spray, each of which comes with a different power and pattern.

And with the five inch diameter plate, you can expect decent coverage that hits more of your body. Which can be a complaint in some smaller, or older models.

It also has a 2.31 GPM flow rate, which is slightly better in making water saving than the standard 2.5 GPM, but it does fall short of the WaterSense labelled products, which usually start at 2.0 and are highly efficient.

It’s finished in a brushed nickel, which produces the right shade of color that many modern bathroom themes operate alongside, and according to the manufacturer, the installation process should be easy, without the need for tools.

But, we always advise looking through consumer feedback online before you decide to buy anything. What we’ve found so far, is that this is quite a popular product that has received plenty of praise to date and solid ratings.

Wrapping up

We know there are a lot of things to take into consideration when buying a new shower head. Whether it’s looking for something that’s good for the environment, or something versatile, there is certainly something out there that matches your needs. We believe the SS5450CBN could be a good option for a family home. Because you get the versatility of two different kinds of heads, it can be used for a wider variety of different purposes. But perhaps the best part is, you’re not going to need to break the bank to get this fitted to your bathroom.