Best Delta shower head reviews 2017

Delta are a brand name that have produced some of the top shower heads in the industry. Perhaps one of the reasons they stand out from the competition is down to their variety in terms of size, shape, styles, and usage. But, with so many products available, how do you find one that fits the needs of your households bathroom?

We have spent time in researching several models that we feel cover a broad range of specs from the differing spray patterns, right the way through to the design and finish. Find out more below.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Delta 75700WH 8/10
Delta 75588RB 9/10
Delta 75153SN 7/10


Delta 75588RB In2ition

A dual head combo, that will give you flexibility as you wash. You can choose to detach and use it in a handheld way, or set it as a fixed option spraying down from above. The unique feature of this model is that you have an outer rim that can continue spraying from above whilst you use the portable model for tasks such as rinsing the shampoo out of your hair or soap from your body.

It includes a handy pause function that will limit the water quite substantially without actually needing to turn it off. This will allow you to carry out other tasks without wasting too much water. But that’s not all, the full range of functionality includes multiple massage settings with varying power levels, plus a full body rinse.

Once detached, it can utilize the reasonably long, seventy two inch hose to give decent reach. Overall, with the feedback taken into account, this is a reliable product that could work well in the home environment.

Delta 75700WH

With a slightly more basic design than the one above, this model could be suitable for those who want a decent range of spray patterns from the jets that are easy to adjust. For those who are not a fan of the lighter color, check out the 75700

This model includes seven functions altogether which include both light and heavy pressure, as well as massage which is fantastic for soothing and relaxing muscles after a long day. Each of these settings can be adjusted by turning the face dial accordingly.

And whilst this can act as a handheld style head with its six foot hose, it’s also equipped with a arm mount to clip in so you can be hands free when you wash.

Unlike many products in the industry currently, this comes with a white finish that makes a nice change to a few metallic options and can serve as a good alternative, especially as they match the brighter colors many people tend to go for.

All in all, for something basic and inexpensive, this could be a smart choice.

Delta 75153SN

Want something that reduces the flow rate? Then this could be ideal. It meets the industries WaterSense standards when it comes to conservation and it’s something the manufacturer claims can make saving of up to forty percent over some of its competitors. That’s a fair amount over the course of a year and could save you money. The actual flow rate listed is 1.5 GPM.

The material used in its construction is brass, and it’s finished in a Satin Nickel. If we’re being honest, the design is really basic and minimalist, so if you’re wanting something unique and stylish to go with other aspects of the bathroom, this may not be a good choice.

Additionally, four spray jets that won’t match some of the rain options in coverage, but for the price you will still get respectable power and performance.

Other reviewed products


Who are they?

This is a company that produces some well known products and innovations. Not just for the bathroom industry, but also the kitchen too. Things like H2O Kinetic technology will help reduced water flow feel like standard installations and heavier water pressures. Then you also have palm showers which are designed to be a lightweight, movable head to make showering flexible.

But perhaps their greatest selling point is the overall variety in products they offer. For that, the choice makes finding a suitable match more achievable.


Like many other brands, you will come across numerous ranges, that have their own unique styles, designs, and finishes. The more popular ones currently include Ashlyn, Foundations, Linden, In2ition, Trinsic, Vero, and Dryden.

What to look for when shopping

So you already know what our top picks are. But what about when you find yourself wanting to research the individual specifications of each product? Listed below are some of the key things to check.

Finish – A good number of models will come in varying finishes. Some common options include polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, and chrome. Each have a unique look that will offer a choice for those wanting a specific look for their bathroom.

Spray patterns – Some heads will offer a variety of choice in the pattern at which the jet sprays come out. Some will offer a rain, others mist and massage. Some offer multiple options. The more functionality here, the pricier they become.

Flow rate – 2.5 gallons per minute seems to be the standard flow rate. But you will also come across eco friendly models that start from 2.0 GPM and below. These are good on the environment, and many  include technology that prevent you feeling the loss of water.

Mount – Wall mounted on brackets are usually the go to mount style, but you will also need to check if it’s ceiling mounted, as well as other small details like whether or not it attaches to a shower harm.

Wrapping up

Overall, this is a good brand that has received plenty of positive consumer feedback across several sources around the web. This is a good early sign of some products quality, but not the be all, end all. If you take the advice listed above in our buyers guide, you should be able to find a model that suits your shower requirements.