Best dual shower head reviews 2017

People who want added flexibility to their daily washing ritual should consider getting dual shower heads. They can operate at the same time as each other whilst providing extensive coverage and a fuller rinse. You may also come across products that provide a fixed and detachable options which will ensure users get a full rinse on their terms, with settings of their choosing.

We, at the Shower HQ, researched into multiple products from a broad range of brands and price ranges to help you find which models stand out from the crowd.

Top rated double shower heads

Image Name Rating
Speakman VS-112007-BN Napa 7/10
Waterpik TRS-523 553 8/10
Moen 21005 Refresh 9/10
Grohe 26124000 9/10
Ana Bath SS5450CBN 8/10
Luminex by PowerSpa 8/10


Uncover the inner workings of our top picks below. We have took time to research individual specifications such as flow rate, finish, spray settings, design and much more. With any luck, this will help you choose the right product for yourwashing requirements.

Moen 21005 Refresh

The Moen brand name is one of the most popular names available in this industry today. The 21005 refresh model appears to have plenty of feedback from happy customers which is always a good starting point when we look for quality in our research.

But what can you expect to get from it once installed?

Well, you get two separate heads, one which provides decent water coverage, with a nine inch diameter spray, whilst the other is handheld.

As far as functionality goes, this is a 2.5 GPM, seven function model that will provide several differing spray powers and patterns, allowing you to truly personalize your shower experience.

The materials used in its construction are plastic and metal, and it’s finished with a modern chrome color, that’s looks great, clean, and simple.

Waterpik TRS-523/553

The TRS-523/553 is a combination model with a two way diverter built into allow water to spray from the portable, and fixed heads which will, ultimately, ensure users get more flexibility with the sprays and streams.

Includes a technology called OptiFLOW which according to the manufacturer, pushes out up to thirty percent more power than some similar products on the market. The ability to switch between both makes it ideal for a family home where it may have multiple uses, like cleaning the bath, washing the pets, or just having a nice relaxing wash down after work.

Additionally, it provides a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate, and a ring that can be adjusted to change up the power and spray pattern.

The brand may not be as well known as some, but that doesn’t seem to effect the reviews it has received, which are for the most part positive.

Speakman VS-112007-BN Napa

This is another fixed and hand shower combo that includes the S-2007-BN Anystream and the VS-2007 Anystream models. The detachable head, comes with a reasonably long, sixty inch hose to provide decent reach.

You will find several spray settings included that operate on 2.5 GPM, and are designed for relaxation, comfort, and practicality, all in one package. Among them, you will find a rain option, massage, and full body. All of these choices can be changed using a simple turn of the face plate. Simple, quick, and user friendly way to make adjustments to the stream of water in one place.

Because it mounts onto a wall bracket, as well as being a dual system, it has the ability to be very versatile in how it can be used.

Grohe 26124000 Retro-Fit Euphoria

Two very different heads, twice the functionality. With the 26124000 model, you get the best of both worlds. A smaller, more portable model, and the fixed option that will hit you with jet sprays from above. Two separate purposes, but it’s another level of flexibility that you don’t get from standard products.

Both operate on a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate. The fixed head offering a wide dispersal, high coverage, rain spray. The smaller handheld variant offers smaller, powerful sprays that are ideal for alternative tasks like washing pets, or rinsing soap and shampoo from your hair.

They come in a chrome finish and a design that has a modernistic, minimalist theme to it and include features and technology to help reduce the chances of scalding yourself.

For those working with a higher than average budget, this could be a good match.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN

This is a lesser known brand name that shouldn’t be discounted from your research. A look at what buyers are saying about it tells us there is some quality to be found within this product.

The hand shower model comes equipped with a sixty inch hose for respectable reach, and a beautiful brushed nickel finish that looks great. And whilst it does not offer the largest diameter and coverage, the five inches it does provide should be plenty for most home users.

It includes a 2.31 GPM flow rate and five individual spray functions that include saturating spray, massage spray, and bubble spray, all of which will help you relax after a long day, helped by the fact it’s built to operate quietly too.

PowerSpa Luminex

Fans of LED lighting in the shower will appreciate this Luminex model. Turn what could otherwise be a dull washing experience into something that’s somewhat warm and welcoming.

You still get the standard fixed and portable options, but this time, you get water powered lights that change between seven different colors that will change every few seconds for a both fun and unique experience.

They both have a four inch diameter which give people a choice of rain, massage, rain and massage together, and pause which slows the water stream right down to a trickle.

The hose is a pretty standard length at five foot, and it comes with air jet technology that improves performance and water power through the nozzles for an invigorating rinse.

If you want something a bit different to the norm, this could be a great match.

What to look for – A buying guide

So, if you have your mind set on getting one of these, here are a few of things to keep in mind.

Diverter valve – Each product from this style will include a diverter valve which is designed to give users control over the water flow. Whilst researching, you will come across two main types of this valve. The first being a two way valve. This is quite common in the industry, and ensures people can use one or the other at a time. The second type, is a three way diverter, which will allow to use either the fixed or detachable, or even both at the same time.

Head types – The most common combo found on the market is a fixed and handheld product. This is because they compliment each other well through handling washing tasks differently. Additionally, there will be many differences in the spray patterns for the fixed products. Some will offer rainfall, others a higher pressure, what you choose will come down to individual preferences in this respect.

Flow rate – Take note of the gallons per minute consumption if you’re after a eco friendly product. Many will display a 2.5 GPM, which is pretty standard, but you will also come across ones offering lower numbers than this allowing you to make better water savings.

Functions – Look into how many spray functions are built in. They come equipped with many different levels of power and patterns, that are usually changed by twisting the face plate or a lever.