Best handheld shower head reviews 2017

Are you looking for a smaller alternative for your showering needs? Perhaps you want something that will work well as a bath combo? If so, handheld shower heads are worth looking into.

Despite not offering the large diameter and coverage to match those of the top rainfall shower heads, they make up for this with giving users a great range of choice in power, stream, and spray settings. What’s more, they often come with relaxing massage options to soothe those muscle pains.

We pick out some of the most popular, best selling products below to conduct research on their individual functions, settings, and overall capabilities that will hopefully help you decide if they match your needs.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Vida Alegría H5+ 7/10
Delta Faucet 75700 8/10
Niagara Conservation 2.0 9/10
Waterpik SM-653CG 8/10
Speakman VS-3014-BN 9/10
Culligan HSH-C135 7/10


We analyze and look at several products in depth, including the design, finish, construction, features and much more in several of our favorite picks below.

Niagara Conservation 2.0

Despite the Niagara Conservation offering numerous jet settings, it also serves as a detachable option with settings to push out a higher pressure. You will find that the seventy two inch hose is designed to stop it tangling up, and give a good amount of free movement away from its dock.

Additionally, because it only operates on a flow rate up to 2.0 gallons per minute, you can expect to make plenty of water savings a year, in fact, compared to some similar models in this industry, the savings made can be up to twenty percent, which is quite a significant number.

Like many products throughout removable shower head market, this will suit a bath and shower combo. A method that works well for homes with limited space available in the bathroom to get the best of both worlds.

And with nine variations in spray settings, some designed to provide a deep massage, comfort and performance will be ensured. Our research into what consumers have been saying shows that many are happy with their purchase, and the current ratings from several sources reflect this.

Delta Faucet 75700

With a 2.5 gallon per minute flow rate, the 75700 doesn’t quite match the Niagara in terms of water conservation, but it still has a lot to offer in the form of style and spray functions built in, plus it’s manufactured by a reputable brand.

The shiny chrome finish gives it a modern look, plus a flexible hose that extends to a range of up top six foot will ensure once taken off the clip, users won’t feel restricted.

Seven spray settings that also include massage options to work with and ensure users get to find a spray to match their comfort preferences. To go through the options available, you get drenching massage, drenching,  shampoo rinse, pause, massage, full body massage, and full body. All are adjustable using a dial and each come with their own unique spray pattern.

It’s equipped with an ergonomically designed handle to limit the amount of stress your hand, wrists, and arms take on board when holding it, and you will find that the shower arm mount is included within the package.

Vida Alegría H5+

Again, this model isn’t quite a WaterSense option, but it still only consumers 2.5 gallons per minute. Not quite as well known a brand as the likes of Moen, but if consumer feedback is anything to go by, this product has been a successful purchase for many. But why is this? Let’s take a look at some of its specifications below.

Features a stainless steel hose that extends between five and seven feet, which is quite standard for many products we come across. It’s flexible and easy to clean, due to it’s low maintenance needs.

Switch up the spray settings according to your current needs between a total of five. These include drenching rain, rinse, and massage options, plus a few extras.

Not a particularly expensive option, and one that is easily detachable for those quick wash jobs.

Waterpik SM-653CG

The SM-653CG includes built in OptiFLOW technology. This type of tech is designed to boost power and performance from the head to ensure users get an invigorating rinse. For those wanting to utilize water spray power for massage purposes, this model is ideal.

You get to choose from six differing functions. These options include full body/massage, full body, Powerspray, pulsating massage, slow massage, and water saving trickle.

It runs on a 2.5 GPM and comes with a five foot long hose. And even though the product itself is quite small, you should get fairly decent water coverage from its 3.25 inch diameter head.

Built to be easy to install, this is one to take into consideration. A look at consumer feedback on the web shows that it’s receiving far more high ratings than low, and it’s not overly expensive.

Speakman VS-3014-BN Caspian

With the VS-3014-BN, you will also get the hose and bracket as part of its package. Whilst not unusual, it’s not always guaranteed. The hose measures sixty inches which is around about average for this market.

This model features Anystream technology which gives people a lot more choice in how they position the sprays, which can be turned three hundred and sixty degrees.

There are five jets on the face plate pushing out up to forty varying sprays. Those of you who enjoy massage style spray patterns will also appreciate the inclusion of twelve massage spray jets with that extra bit of power.

Other notable specs include nozzles that are self cleaning and help prevent mineral build up, along with a 2.5 GPM flow rate.

Those of you going for a unique style in your bathroom may enjoy the brushed nickel finish. One to keep tabs on, it’s got some great functionality that could make it a suitable for home usage.

Culligan HSH-C135

As a filtered handshower, the HSH-C135 model has a cleaner, healthier spray, free of the usual mineral deposits you find in many standard shower heads. This will help reduce the amount of chlorine in the water, as well as play its part in improving the smell and taste. The downside of having a filter built in is they do need to be replaced usually. In this ones case however, you can expect up to six months usage.

You will be able to alter the spray to a pattern of your choosing. In total, there are five different patterns to enjoy that operate in varying power and sizes.

It’s made from plastic, but does have a reflective chrome coating that won’t look out of place in a bath combo. What’s more, if DIY isn’t your thing, this shouldn’t be too difficult to install with no need for specialized tools and knowledge.

If you’re aiming to have a fresher, more hygienic shower, this could be one worth researching further into.


There are several advantages to installing a handheld head over that of traditional and fixed styles. The first being a non time consuming installation, with some products providing easy to follow instruction manuals that allow them to be fitted and ready to go within minutes.

Secondly, you can get a option that slots onto a bracket quite easily so that it works just like a fixed head. But of course, the ability to detach it from said bracket will give you much more freedom in how you use it.

Thirdly, they serve as a great solution to quick cleaning jobs like washing down your dogs when they get muddy.  Sometimes, the quicker route is better.

When the need arises, they can serve as a way to clean the bathtub or shower area, especially with the high pressure, massage settings which will wash away dirt and bacteria in no time.

They are also easily accessible and a great way for elderly people and people with disabilities that effect movement such as joint pain. There is no need to be in a standing position and you can choose to wash at your own pace without twisting and turning.

And for people who have sensitive skin, you will find several options in this market that include a filter to reduce harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. Additionally, you can switch easily to a lower pressure for a softer spray feeling on the skin.

Buying guide

So you’ve got your eye on a few potential products. What’s next?

Hose – There are two main things to consider with the hose. The first being will it give you enough length to freely move it about? The second, is it flexible in how it can be moved, will does it come equipped with an anti tangle design?

Mounting – There are many ways in which they can be mounted. How you choose will come down to family requirements. Are you looking for something that will sit fixed in place, wall mounted? Or perhaps, will something that adjusts in height easily to keep it easily accessible for taller people in the household.

Functions – As with many products, you’ll always want to take note of the overall functionality in terms of what sort of spray patterns and power you get. The more the better, and some of you may even wish to find a model with pulsing massage settings for relaxation.

Finish and look – If you spent a lot of time planning and putting together what you feel is your dream bathroom, you will want to make sure the material and finish is inline with other accessories such as the shower door used and its trimming. A popular choice tend to be bronze, or chrome as they tend to add a modern touch and work well alongside several other colors and materials.

Budget range – The amount of money you’re willing to spend will determine the overall quality you end up with. That is the case with many household products. However, the price may vary in this case simply because you will find some items which will come with and without a hose, or an additional panel for a full body rinse. The price will vary quite a bit, so make sure you understand what comes included within the packaging before you buy.

Brand name – The company name can carry a lot of weight in our own research process. Sometimes this leads to us overlooking some lesser known brands in this industry in favor of the bigger ones. Some of the ones we see consistently receiving good feedback around the web are KOHLER, Moen, and Hansgrohe.

Wrapping up

Even some of the leading shower heads have their flaws, be its construction or something more trivial. The key things to consider when looking for a good detachable option, are the flow rate, spray settings built in, materials it’s made from, customer reviews, and price range. To a lesser extent, you may wish to look at the brand name too. Some choose the safe way and go for a reputable, internationally known brand, whilst others go for lesser known, often cheaper variants that can sometimes be diamonds in the rough.

Whichever product you go with, as long as you have a rough idea of what you want in each of these categories, you’re on the right path to finding a good handheld shower head.