Best Hansgrohe shower head reviews 2017

Hansgrohe are providers of all kinds of bathroom features and accessories that include various faucets for the kitchen and bathroom,  and of course a great range of shower heads that comes with some first rate innovations to make your showering experience comfortable and effective.

They offer various styles ranging from handheld through to full sets, which alongside new technologies that make washing easier, efficient, and much more convenient, meet the ever changing requirements of you, the consumer.

Our aim at the Shower HQ, is to help you find the most suitable product for your needs based on looking through individual specifications and functionality. We have provided ratings on some of our top picks below to help cut back on time in the research process.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Hansgrohe 04071000 8/10
Hansgrohe 06425005 8/10
Hansgrohe 27474001 9/10
Hansgrohe 26521001 8/10


You will find a list of some of the models we analyzed below and a short, descriptive insight into what you can expect to gain from them.

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour

With a diameter that is nearing ten inches, you can expect great coverage from the 27474001. This offers a rain style spray, and having a design that’s mad

e to be overhead, it will cover a greater surface area, to help people feel warm with less parts of your body outside the spray. That is an area of comfort that isn’t talked about as much, but it’s just as important. No one likes twisting and turning all the time to stay warm.

Includes the handy QuickClean features that ensures washing off bacteria, and residue becomes much easier and less time consuming. By having such design features in place, you will find the product is more likely to last longer because it’s being looked after with lesser chance of it clogging up.

Additionally, with the intake of air to the spray disc, water becomes softer and more pleasant. This is because air combines with the droplets to make them a bit lighter.

It has a modern exterior that’s chrome plated and looks great, but you will need to ensure you have enough space in your bathroom to fit it in. It’s a fair amount larger than standard options in this industry, and quite a bit more expensive too.

Hansgrohe 06425005 Croma E 100

Wondering which handshower is right for you? Well you’re certainly not alone. Because this market is arguably one of the more competitive thanks to the huge amount of variety in brands and spray functionality choice. The difficulty lies in picking a specific one out of a crowd, which for many can be a problem.

We believe the 06425005 model could be a sensible choice. There are several things going for it, not just the features, but also being on the receiving end of positive feedback. This feedback is always a good starting point when conducting research and it can teoll you a lot about it before you decide to buy.

But what of the specifications I hear you ask. Well, for starters, you get a reasonably long hose that measures sixty three inches in length which adds a certain degree of free movement once detached from its dock. You also get three differing spray modes too that include various massage patterns for relaxation and comfort.

However, as handheld heads go, this is not best suited for people working on a small budget.

Hansgrohe 04071000 Croma E

The 04071000 model may not be as efficient as some with a 2.5 gallon flow rate, but it does offer some good features with several options to mix it up.

You get three main spray modes. These include full, intense turbo, and pulsating massage. These are labelled on the face plate and are altered by twisting the lever to the side. Simple to do, and user friendly.

Like many of their product ranges these days, it comes equipped with the QuickClean tech, which will help fight off limescale and other annoying mineral deposits that can effect the overall performance and experience.

To give people an idea of space required, its listed measurements are 4 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches. So not particularly large, quite compact, and should fit in the majority of bathroom spaces easily.

The positive reviews from customers that we have found so far on the web, outweigh the negatives. With several happy comments about its design and performance. There was however, a few remarks about it feeling slightly overpriced, which is something to keep tabs on.

Hansgrohe 26521001 Raindance Select 120

As you may of gathered from the title, this shower head from Hansgrohe comes equipped with the select innovation that helps make the changing of stream powers and patterns as easy as the click of a button. It’s a handheld option that could be a good investment for a bath and shower combination.

You get a five inch face, that includes technology to suck air into the water droplets to make it more efficient as well as produce softer water that is good for sensitive skin.

It’s finished in a chrome, and made with in a durable metal material. However, the hose doesn’t come included, which will be an additional expense. Many products in this market come with hoses at around a sixty inch hose length, so this is definitely one area it comes up short, especially considering it’s fairly expensive compared with many of its competitors.

However, we have found several reviews in our research from people who have purchased it, and in general, they do seem to have more positive feelings towards it than negative.

Technology and innovations

As always, the biggest brand names are always looking to stay ahead of the competition with new and unique features and tech. Here are a few they have come up with.

Select – Although not built into every head they offer on the market, the ones that do have a certain user friendliness about them that will make changing up the spray settings simple and less time consuming. This means more time can be spent relaxing than fiddling with the power of the spray thanks to a specially designed button that you click when you want to improve or change up the water stream.

For everyday use, this is a nice touch that brings simplicity to the washing process, by removing the need of a twisting motion that many standard products have, also making it a potential option for those that have restricted movements in the wrist. A short video below demonstrates how it works.

AirPower – Designed to add efficiency to their products that work with water, the AirPower technology will suck air into the head to a spray disc. The flowing water being pushed out combines with the air and infuses it. The end result? A more efficient washing experience that will ultimately save you money on water bills and help with the environment.

There is also a side effect associated with this. Once the droplets are infused with this air, they actually become softer and lighter. This will result in a much more refreshing rinse with water that is kind to your skin.

XXL Performance – As you would expect from such a name, some products they produce are overhead or have much larger than average diameters. In some cases providing spray discs measuring up to 600 mm. These are of course, known as rain showers, which we have covered extensively in a guide here. They provide fantastic coverage, allowing users to fully immerse themselves and get the most out of it.

QuickClean – Some of you may know all about how some sub standard shower heads don’t effectively wash off residue and mineral deposits. This can result in a build up over time that clogs up the jets. Not a nice cleaning job at all. However, with QuickClean products, you get several features that are designed to fend off all these problems. First of all, the nozzles are made of elastic silicone which makes maintenance simpler.

What’s more instead of needing to consistently scrub the head and face plates free of things like limescale, these models are designed to wash away the residue with far less elbow grease. The cleaner they are, the more durable they become.

EcoRight -Products including EcoRight features will essentially, help you reduce the amount of water you pump out when showering. In some cases, this is claimed at up to sixty percent savings over some of the competition.

But that’s not all, when you’re consuming less water, there is also less need to pay for ways to heat it up. Which plays a role in the environment and cutting costs on household bills. You’ll come across several with 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate, and even some with 1.5. Both GPM’s come recommended.

Wrapping up

Overall, we feel that many Hansgrohe shower heads include some great functionality that help improve performance, give people exactly what they want in terms of spray pattern and power, but also give thought to how their products may effect the environment. As a whole, this brand holds its own against many competitors, and they provide many products that are more than capable of being utilized as a replacement or an upgrade for a modern bathroom.