Best LED shower head reviews 2017

Are you looking to add a unique touch to your bathroom? Why not have a look at getting a color changing shower head. There are many options available that can help brighten up an otherwise dull room.

The great thing about them is some products even have the ability to change color depending on its current temperature settings, making for a very unique experience, and to some extent, serve as a way to know the temperature before you step under the water.

Our buying guide below will cover all the basics from functionality, through to brand, and price range. We have picked out some lesser known products as well as some popular options to provide a fuller overview of what their capabilities are.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
HotelSpa Neon 8/10
Getek Square 9/10
DreamSpa AquaFan 8/10
Shower Wow L2S-SW 7/10
DreamSpa 1483 8/10


We go through several quality models below and analyze their features and functions for you to decide whether or not it will make a good fit for your bathroom. By doing this, we’ve filtered out the good from the bad products, alongside any positives and negatives of each.

DreamSpa 1483

What can the 1483 add to your bathroom? Well, you get three different colors for the various the temperatures to start with. Blue, red, and green, dependent on current settings. However, it don’t just stop there. For you can also expect battery free operation that will offer great longevity on the lights. In fact, the manufacturer says you can expect up to one hundred thousand hours durability.

This is a double shower system which includes a handheld and fixed option with a multitude of spray patterns, thirty in total, plus decent water coverage with a 5.25 inch and 4 inch face on both.

Not at the lowest end of the price scale, but still reasonably affordable for the amount of features on offer. And with some good feedback found on the web about it, this may be one worth considering.

Getek Square

Because of its nice and large diameter measurements of eight inches, you can expect greater coverage which works well with the rainfall style spray.

A square design that may match unique and modern style tastes, but throw in the temperature sensing LED lighting that alternates between red, green, and blue, and you have something offering new and homely feeling.

No batteries are required which is always a plus, and the settings for each individual color are cooler temperatures under thirty one degrees blue, green the medium temperatures between thirty two and thirty eight degrees, and red anything above thirty eight degrees, which can also serve as a warning to users when the water stream is getting to hot.

Additionally, it runs on an efficient 2.0 gallons per minute flow rate, which is great news for your water bills. Savings can be quite substantial over longer periods of time.

Shower Wow L2S-SW

A rainbow shower head that is worth a shout for those looking for something on a tight budget.

The L2S-SW is once again powered by water, therefore eliminating the need of stocking up on batteries. It has a simplistic, but modern design that comes finished in chrome.

Ideal for people wanting to skip as much as the installation hassles as possible, with easy set up, and a claimed universal fit from the manufacturer. It’s also great for smaller spaces with dimensions of 6 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches.

Consumers responding positively to it, outweigh the negative feedback with many happy customers rating it reasonably highly, which is quite surprising considering the low cost.

HotelSpa Neon

Those of you wanting this unique lighting set up alongside something more portable, this product is handheld and easy to move around for added flexibility whilst washing.

Watch as you warm up or turn down the temperature as the lights change. The LED bulbs are powered by hydro power with plenty of life expectancy on it with around 100 thousand hours worth, all without batteries.

But don’t just expect it to work as a detachable option.It can also work well fixed overhead too with seven different spray settings and patterns that include rain, massages, mists, and pause mode. A 4.25 inch face doesn’t quite match some larger products in the industry, but it’s still quite good coverage for a versatile product.

DreamSpa AquaFan

Apart from the ability to light up, the AquaFan actually has quite a unique curved design that spans twelve inches giving great coverage that will keep you drenched even at shoulder width. A chrome finish gives off a cleaner look that will enhance how presentable the bathroom looks.

The addition of a flashing red color is used as a warning where the water temp is reaching harmful levels. A useful safety feature built in to prevent you from burning yourself.

Comes with a 2.5 GPM flow rate, of which shoots out of 123 jets. Users can choose to alter the angle of its head if they wish, and it’s got the ability to provide both massaging and rain sprays.

How do they work?

In most cases, you will find that they come equipped with a number of LED light bulbs that are installed on the nozzle. Some may operate via battery power, but the majority make use of hydro power, which makes use of energy produced by water to power small turbines in the head. This will save you money on bills, as well as remaining reasonably environmentally friendly.

How it operates from that point forward comes down to what type of model you purchase. Some will provide smart temperature sensors that will be able to check how hot or cold the flow is and change the color accordingly.  Others will produce a brighter or dimmer glow based on how powerful the spray is.


Design – Many people prefer having a personalized theme in their bathroom, and sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to find it. We believe finding the right shower head with LED lights can give the unique feel you are looking for. You could also install some dimmed lights which will enhance the effect they have on its surrounding area and make the room feel more homely.

Temperature – In standard models, you often need to put your hand out to test what the temperature is like before you step in. However, some models offer color switching based on the waters warmth, which can let you know if it’s at a safe temperature.

Typically, most units that work based on temp will have a variety of colors. What each manufacturer uses may differ, but some of the common ones we’ve seen through our research show a red color to warn users it’s far too hot to stand under. Then green to tell you it’s currently at a good heat, and blue to let you know it’s going to be quite cold. It’s a simple system, but one that can be very useful.


Whilst many options share similarities in how they function, there are some other things to take into consideration that can make a significant difference in the overall quality. Some of these we have listed out below.

Spray settings – The amount of choice in spray functions can and does make a difference. Some manufacturers offer just the single spray pattern which is ideal for some people. But what about those of you who want a bit more for your money? There are plenty of units that provide a face plate that can be turned and twisted to send a variety of different levels of water pressure through the nozzles. Some are built to massage, whilst others can create what’s known as a mist. What you pick can effect the whole experience.

Diameter – The width and length of the surface area covered by each spray is important. Not everyone favors having a product that only hits smaller areas of your body, leaving the rest feeling cold. There is a solution for this, look for products with a higher diameter for larger water coverage.

Finish – For many, aesthetics proves to be an essential part of the decision making process. With so many available like chrome, and oil rubbed bronze, choosing just the one won’t be an easy. Your best bet is to look for something that compliments the current bathroom theme.

Brand – You won’t come across as many big brand names like KOHLER, Delta, and Moen in this market. However, that doesn’t mean you should write them off entirely. Smaller brands may not receive the same feedback as the big players, but there are still plenty that produce solid products that get the job done whilst remaining affordable.

Wrapping up

There are many variations of LED showers available on the market, which can cause confusion among consumers, especially if you’re not familiar with anything to do with home improvement or DIY. However, armed with the right knowledge, you can avoid many of the mistakes people make whilst shopping. And that’s exactly what this guides aim is. Ensure you read up on how they work, and other considerations provided in this guide, and you have a better chance of finding a suitable match for your bathroom.