Best low flow shower head reviews 2017

Installing a low flow shower head comes with several benefits. The most important of which is helping users save quite a bit of money on their water bills over the course of a year. Compared to standard products, the lower levels of water consumption can make a significant difference.

A lot of this is dependent on the number of people in your household, and how many times you wash per day, but the selling point is clear, these are a more environmentally friendly option that use around the max WaterSense criteria of 2.0 gallons per minute or less.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Delta 75152 9/10
High Sierra 1.5 GPM 9/10
Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa 8/10
American Standard 1660.717.002 8/10
Speakman VS-2007-E2 8/10


We pick out several of the top water saving shower heads below and uncover their performance capabilities, alongside there design, spray patterns, and what consumers are saying about them.

Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa

With a 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate, this could well be a match for those of you searching for a fixed mount option.

You will find it swivels to adjust easily in all directions, and is WaterSense labelled.

It includes a chrome finish, and has received plenty of positive comments online from people who have bought it. Just a few of the upsides talked about, include the even spacing between the streams, and the low price. Some even went as far as saying they couldn’t see much of a difference between standard 2.5 GPM and this.

High Sierra 1.5 GPM

This is another head that offers a low flow, 1.5 gallons per minute rate. According to the manufacturer, this will enable users to make saving of up to forty percent on their water and heating bills over some of its competition.  In fact, they go as far as saying it has the ability to make savings of up to 1700 gallons per person over a yearly period, which is quite significant.

It comes equipped with a nozzle that produces a strong spray that will feel more powerful than the flow rate would suggest.

It’s a fairly compact design, finished in chrome, and measuring  just 2.5 inches by 1 inch by 1 inch. Meaning it could be a suitable installation for those of you with smaller to medium sized bathrooms.

Delta 75152

This model stands out from some of its competitors by being able to produce a heavier flow rate of 2.5 GPM, and a more conservative 1.85 GPM, dependent on the settings you apply to the nozzle lever.

Delta have produced something here that offers plenty of freedom in how you position it with a three hundred and sixty degree rotation available as well as a 3-7/8 inches width to provide decent coverage.

Includes H2OKinetics technology which is designed to make savings of up to thirty six percent compared to that of the industries standard shower heads. What’s more, the stream holes are designed to be clog free and low maintenance.

A look at the feedback from shoppers will tell you quite a bit about the quality of this product, with many high ratings found in online shops. If you’re not looking to spend too much, but also want to do your bit for the environment, this could be worth looking into.

American Standard 1660.717.002

The AS brand is operates and produces many bathroom products that are not limited to washing. We’ve found numerous products designed by them that has been praised by consumers, and this seems to be another that falls into that category with plenty of happy customers found on several online stores we looked at.

But what has it got going for it? Well for starters, it utilizes built in turbine technology to reduce the levels of water being used in its streams. And whilst some may see this as being limited, you’ll still get a set of rather invigorating sprays that can change between turbine, full, or a combination of both of these. The turbine function will work at 0.5 GPM, and the other two at a maximum of 2.0. The manufacturer recognizes that this can provide great savings of up to forty percent over some products.

And if you have multiple users washing daily, you shall be able to alter the head to a different angle to position it where you feel most comfortable and accommodate the different sized people in your house.

Speakman VS-2007-E2 Napa

Using up 2.0 gallons each minute, this doesn’t quite match the flow rates offered by the 1.5 models, but it makes up for this by providing some good, highly adjustable features that will help make water savings, but at the same time enhance people showering experience.

It operates on Anystream 360 degrees technology which allows you more freedom in how you choose to angle the jet sprays, and will offer a great deal of choice in spray pattern. In fact, despite only having five jets, you will be able to select twelve massage settings, and up to forty individual ones in total. This variety makes it a potential option for people who need something for multitasking day to day.

The nozzles on the face plate clean themselves of bacteria and mineral deposits, helping it stay in great condition for longer, and the design itself wouldn’t look out of place in the average modern bathroom.

Benefits of water efficient shower heads

So what do consumers stand to gain in choosing a more high efficiency shower head over other types on the market?

Well, the most obvious advantage would be their ability to consume less water. The knock on effect of this means users will have lower bills, and they will limit their impact on the environment.

Additionally, if you’re one who enjoys a nice hot shower at the end of the day, you will adding to the energy bill for heating up said water. These products need to heat up less. Despite these savings, you will come across plenty of models that offer many differing spray settings and functions that ensure they go toe to toe with standard models in the industry. After all, low flow doesn’t necessarily mean you are giving up functionality.

On the contrary, you will still be presented with several spray functions including the pleasant “rainfall” droplets, massage, and several others that will ultimately, give users a chance to relax and soothe everyday aches and pains.

Buying guide – What to look for

Flow rate – The gallons per minute is the key figure you should be researching about individual products. The standard options cap out at 2.5 GPM. However, for the more efficient, WaterSense variants, you’ll need something at 2.0 GPM and lower. Some even go as low as 1.5 GPM. The lower the figure, the better the efficiency.

But there may also come a time where you find a model that offers several flow rates in one package. More often than not these differentiate between 1.5 and 2.0. But you will also find a fair amount that go past the WaterSense requirements, whilst retaining a decreased water setting.

Installation – Are you OK with getting your hands dirty in the installation process, or do you prefer a simple, quick fit solution? There are numerous products that come with the ability to attach to your shower arm within minutes.

Settings – Are you happy to pick a single function with limited spray powers to choose from, or are you instead,  looking for something a bit more advanced with several differing variations of power? These are both options that are separated mainly by price alone.

Finish – You will find many options with differing finishes and materials used in their construction. While we suggest going for something like Chrome, due to the modernistic feel, there are also some good alternatives out there including bronze and brass.

Brand name – There are some notable names in the low flow shower head market, some more reputable than others. You’ll need to decide between a lesser known manufacturer, that can often provide more features for a lower price, or a well known one that is more of a safe bet.

Wrapping up

Going for a more green approach when it comes to taking a shower is sensible. Although your putting restrictions in place with how much water falls on you whilst washing, what many people find is they don’t feel a massive difference to that of standard models. These products prevent wastage and save you money in the long run, which can only be a good thing.

If you’ve gone through our guide and still not entirely sure of what model or brand you want to go with, why not look at our list including some of the best rated shower heads.