Best oil rubbed bronze shower heads 2017

The materials and finish of a product can give it a personalized touch that you just don’t find among the most generic colors. Oil rubbed bronze shower heads are a popular choice for consumers, which coupled with the amount of styles, spray patterns, and functions available in the market, can make for a wonderfully unique showering experience.

To help us pick out several of the best models on the web, we looked at various online stores, what consumers are saying about specific products, buying trends, along with taking time to understand their performance capabilities.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
LDR 520 5305ORB 8/10
Kingston Brass K136A5CK Victorian 9/10
Speakman S-2252-ORB Icon 8/10
Aqua Elegante 3 Inch 8/10


Aqua Elegante 3 Inch High Pressure

This head falls into the high pressure shower category. Those you familiar with this style, will appreciate the higher water pressure the jet nozzles produce. Not only will this fully immerse you with powerful water streams, you will also have the advantage of increasing low flow pressure, by removing the flow restrictions.

The design itself is fairly unique, which aside from the bronze finishing, is made with ABS, which is a strong and sturdy thermoplastic polymer which will help improve durability.

With thirty six spray outlets, there is always the question of how it deals with mineral deposit build up to stop them clogging. Well the answer to that is these self clean pretty well, which makes maintenance tasks less time consuming, and of course, a well cleaned product is bound to last longer.

Those of you who hate the DIY tasks involved with anything to do with plumbing will enjoy the fact that this has as simple a installation as they come, with a simple screw on design. No need to waste further money on hiring professionals to fit it.

Good coverage on the warranty policy with five years, and plenty of feedback offered by consumers that have rated it highly.

Speakman S-2252-ORB Icon Anystream

The standout feature for us from the S-2252-ORB is its how much you can adjust its stream by utilizing its built in Anystream technology to alter the angle of the spray to hit areas of your body that are most relaxing and comfortable.

This is another high powered option that comes with six main spray jets that produce a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, which isn’t quite matching up with WaterSense standards. From these six jets, you can alter the spray pattern between forty eight differing unique sprays, which is perfect for those who need something for all kinds of purposes ranging from rinsing shampoo from your hair, to giving yourself a full body drenching.

Constructed with solid brass that is built to last the day to day wear and tear that family households can throw at it.

It’s been well received by the majority of consumers so far. However, you should expect to pay above average pricing for this model. It’s not going to be the cheapest option you come across.

Kingston Brass K136A5CK Victorian

Those of you on the lookout for an aesthetic overhead rainfall shower head, will like the look of the K136A5CK. With this model, you can achieve solid water coverage thanks to the eight inch diameter face plate that is filled with one hundred and thirty nine individual spray channels.

You also get a twelve inch long arm that is made of brass. But users need to be aware of their current bathroom set up. Is there enough space for this to fit compared to the smaller models in this industry?

The gallons per minute flow rate is listed as 1.2 up to 2.0 GPM which is pretty good for such a large head. Savings can be made in both energy bills due to less water needing to be heated, and water bills.

The bronze finish looks great and we think under the right decor style, this could really improve the overall look of the bathroom by modernizing it.

LDR 520 5305ORB

Equipped with five varying spray functions, this is a head that gives people a nice range of powers and patterns to meet their everyday washing needs. These functions include massage, spray, aeration, economy to use less water, and pause which is a handy way to stop heavy water usage when doing something else like putting soap on.

Users can change up the angles at which the sprays are pointing thanks to the inclusion of a ball socket joint that enables you to swivel the head in multiple directions of your choosing.

It’s noted by the manufacturer as being simple to set up, and easy to clean. And for a cheap model, the ratings are surprisingly good so far.

This could make a nice looking upgrade for those not wanting to splash out too much cash.

Wrapping up

Overall, the ORB products listed above are some of the many kinds of finishes available on the market. We believe it’s proved popular due to its modern feel and general aesthetics. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when users are spoiled for choice in terms of ranges of diameter, spray patterns, and much more. So for those among you wanting to spruce up their bathroom, this could be the final touch or the hidden peice of the puzzle to achieving the look you’re aiming for.