Best sliding shower door reviews 2017

A good sliding shower door will contribute to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. They have uses such as protecting your flooring from water splashing onto the surface and potentially damaging it over time.

They are convenient, and easy to open and usually come in a wide range of styles that can really give your shower room character. Additionally, some models come with nice extensions and accessories attached to them such as towel rails, ensuring you no longer need to physically leave the shower to get your towel.

The team have picked out a few models that stood out from the crowd below for a wide variety of reasons. Some are more affordable options, some come with some great extras, whilst others just look great. Whichever it is, we look into each products main features to help you decide whether or not it would be a good match for your own bathroom.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 8/10
DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in 9/10
KOHLER K-702208-L-MX Fluence 7/10
DreamLine Visions 56-60 in 8/10


We go through several of the picked products and analyze the specifications, providing details about the glass, finish, colors, installation, and what others are saying about them.

DreamLine Visions 56-60 inch width

This is a frameless sliding shower door that comes equipped with a nice brushed nickel finish. Depending on your own measurements, this can fit between fifty-six through to sixty inches wide showers.

What you get is an opening at the center that includes two panels, that slide to open a walk in space of up to twenty-six inches. The sliding guide rails at the top are made of aluminum that can be adjusted slightly by up to four inches to meet your own dimensions, should you need to.

The glass design itself looks great and it has two vertical handles to make it easier to open.  Either side of the doors, you have two panels that remain stationary. Both of these measure 12 and 3/4 inches each.

On the whole, this model seems to have received a fair amount of positive feedback from shoppers. And price wise, it tends to be in line with a lot of the competition.

For fans of central openings, this could be a great match.

KOHLER K-702208-L-MX Fluence

We’ve all heard about Kohler shower heads, but what to make of their doors? Looking into the specifications and how consumers have rated it so far, first impressions are quite positive.

This is a frameless bypass style option, that comes in a nice matte nickel color. It features a continuous guide mechanism that works towards giving users a consistently smooth, and quiet sliding motion.

The glass panes themselves are one quarter of an inch thick, and it features CleanCoat properties that  make maintenance tasks a breeze. Couple that with a QuickClean head, and cleaning becomes much less time consuming.

It will work with out of plumb installations and measures 47.6 inches by 70.3 inches by 21.9 inches.

Overall, it has a basic, but modern design that can add a unique style to your bathroom. Feedback and consumer reports are mostly positive, and you don’t need to pay above the odds to get your hands on it. This is one for fans of European style designs.

DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 inch

Another beautiful option from the DreamLine brand. This is one product that immediately caught our eye through its beautiful design. There are certain limitations with this compared to other models, namely it doesn’t offer the same adjustable nature afforded to others in width, or out of plumb installations.

But putting that aside, what is included has clearly left a good impression on many buyers. Looking around the web in our research, we found multiple people who were happy with there purchase. But what do you get?

Well, you get a brushed stainless steel finish on the trimmings, along with glass panes that are 10 mm in thickness. Runners at the top are stainless steel and are built to provide an effortlessly smooth and quiet open and close action.

The glass is made to reduce the build up of limescale, mineral deposits, and general bacteria, promoting a cleaner environment for you to wash.

This is a slightly more expensive choice that won’t be suitable for people working with a low budget.

Aston SDR978-SS-60-10

These doors measure sixty inch, and are yet another frameless glass design, that includes nice stainless steel finishes on the trimmings and handle.

It’s built to open and close smoothly and quietly by utilizing a four wheeled roller guide system, and has a nice design feature that allows it to be reversed depending on whether or not you want a right or left handed opening.

The glass panes are actually safety glass and has thickness of 10 mm. Which is inline with several of its competitors. For added strength to the structure, there is a support rail at the top that ensures the doors remain sturdy and strong.

The door once opened, gives users a 26.5 inch space to go through, and the clear glass, contemporary design would make it a great fit for those wanting to modernize and upgrade their shower areas.

One thing to take note of is that there isn’t as much consumer feedback as several others we’ve analyzed. However, with limited coverage through a warranty policy of  five years on the parts, it does come with some protection in case something breaks early on.

Pivot vs Sliding

There are numerous benefits of installing either a sliding or pivoting door. The advantages of either is wholly dependent on what peoples own bathroom requirements are, as well as how big the room is. We look at a few differences between them below.

Sliding options work well in compact spaces, because they don’t need the extra floor space to swing the door open to step in. Simply slide it to the side and in you go.

Cleaning is another question that pops up regularly. Both styles have the ability and materials nowadays to make your life easier when performing cleaning tasks. Many comes with special surfaces or coating that resist water marks and limescale build up. This is particularly true on CleanCoat glass panes.

One area we feel sliding options are a clear winner is the aesthetics. Whilst there are some really nice pivoting options, we feel that the glass designs just have a more modern and unique feel about them that can really bring your bathroom to life.