Best Waterpik shower head reviews 2017

Waterpik is a company that have produced some great products over the years for your shower. There is certainly a lot of choice when looking through some of their most popular shower heads. Users will find plenty of styles and functionality among their products as well as handheld, high pressure, and rain designs that will help enhance your living standard.

They are an innovative brand that have produced plenty of technology to compliment and improve upon their models. Today, we’re going to pick out some of our favorites, as well as a few of the most popular products and analyze the specifications to help our readers find a fitting product that includes all the necessary functionality.

Top rated products

Image Name Rating
Waterpik JP-140 8/10
Waterpik TRS-559 8/10
Waterpik CF-201 8/10
Waterpik SM-653CG 8/10


Within the reviews below, we want to paint a picture of what each individual products capabilities are, what sort of spray patterns to expect, as well as what to expect from the materials used in its construction and installation process.

Waterpik CF-201 Cascadia

The inclusion of a hose that is attached between the shower arm and head brings an extra level of flexibility and adjustment to the CF-201. Whilst it may be a fixed option, you will be able to position it at an angle which gives you the most warmth and water coverage.

The design is unique, with a rounded face that’s finished in a white color. The nozzles are self cleaning minimizing the need for cleaning the scale, chlorine and other mineral deposits.

It operates on the standard 2.5 GPM flow rate, but offers a decent sized face of eight inches that pushes the spray wider to hit more of your body under a decent selection of streams that include full body power spray, rainfall, and pulsating which is more of a massage setting.

It’s not particularly expensive and has a simple installation process that isn’t time consuming. This could work as either a replacement or upgrade for those not looking to spend too much but still hold onto some performance qualities.

Waterpik TRS-559

Hand showers usually have to differentiate themselves from the competition through offering more spray patterns than many fixed alternatives. This model does just that with five functions built in,two of which are made for massage purposes, the others for more practical usage, but put them together you have a great mix for relaxation, comfort, and everyday washing.

You get a five foot hose for when it is detached from its holder. Whilst this may be a good enough length for many consumers, you should note, we come across several products that have an extra foot in reach, which can be quite significant depending on the task at hand.

Operates on OptiFLOW technology which helps improve the power and performance of the high pressure jet sprays.  And whilst you shouldn’t expect works of art at this price range, the brushed nickel looks good.

So overall, this is a simple to operate, highly adjustable product that could work well in busy household environments or family homes.

Waterpik JP-140

This is a head that pumps out lots of rain droplets through a total of 36 spray nozzles. A round, large diameter increases the surface area of which water hits, whilst reducing the need to move around so much whilst washing.

It’s equipped with an adjustable shower arm that’s nine inches in length and will ensure users set the position of  the head to an area where you feel most comfortable and at ease.

It comes with a shiny chrome color, and produces a flow rate of 2.5 GPM that sends water through the spray channels in various patterns including drenching rain, full body, and massage.

This could be a smart investment for someone who wants more coverage, but still be afforded the choice between several different functions.

Waterpik SM-653CG

The SM-653CG shower head is one that we recommend for people wanting a combination of a hand held design and massage functions. The six patterns include original massage, and various options for light drizzle through to a more powerful, invigorating drench. The number of choices built in could make it ideal for premises where you’re going to have multiple users with different preferences when showering.

However, it doesn’t quite hit the low flow standards that some people look for with a 2.5 GPM flow rate. But the inclusion of OptiFLOW technology will help you overlook this with powerful, consistent sprays that hit the spot.

Design wise, we don’t feel it’s offers much in terms of aesthetics, with a basic exterior finished in chrome. However, consumers to date do seem fairly happy with it according to multiple sets of feedback left online.

For those wanting something small, easy to handle, and inexpensive, with a decent range of settings, this could could be worth checking out.


When shopping, you’ll want to keep in mind these product ranges. They are the four main ones and include:

PowerSpray+ – These offer heavier and more invigorating spray patterns and come in a variety of different styles and set ups.

EcoFlow – The EcoFlow range is all about water conservation and providing low flow models that do a great job in meeting the environmental protection agencies WaterSense standards.

EcoRain – A combination of rain or waterfall style spray that still has features built in to save water.

RainFall+ – Unlike the range above, this will provide rain droplets with the extra water flow. These are highly adjustable and offer fantastic coverage.

Technology and innovations

To improve your showering experience, brands often have to be innovative to stand out from the competition. Listed below, we have listed some of their own.

OptiFLOW – Although not entirely clear to us how they managed to do this, they have built and designed their products from scratch to produce more power even when straddled with a lower than average water pressure. This is a technology inclusion built for performance.

EasySelect Spray Selector – This is something designed to make switching up the spray patterns more user friendly. Unlike many heads in this market where you more often than not turn the face plate to switch up the streams, this will be provided on the handle which some would say is far more convenient then that of the standard design.

Things to consider

You should take your time and browse through the suggestions above and see if you believe one of them could meet your bathrooms requirements. But before you decide here are a few things you need to take into account.

Flow rate – Do you take environmental standards seriously? Then you may want something with a 2.0 GPM flow instead of the standard 2.5.

Functions -Are you happy with a single function spray, or do you want a variety including massage, mist, and full body rinse. The more included, the higher the price goes.

Type – Do you require something with a wider diameter, and thus, high water coverage? Or would you prefer something portable that’s easily moved around?

Budget – You’re going to come across many heads that are incredibly cheap. These are often quick fit solution and more limited in terms of what they can do. You will also find rather expensive models at the other end of the spectrum. So we recommend setting yourself a rough budget before you begin shopping and stick to it which does take quite a bit of discipline.

Style – When doing up any bathroom, you want to stick to a common theme. This includes not just the colors used, but also the material. The effect matching materials can have on the eye is underestimated and something you should be looking out for when designing your own room. Some people like to stick with a more shiny, reflective chrome, whilst others opt to go for something with a more unique touch like oil rubbed bronze. This really depends on the current theme your using.

Other notes – You can also find items with add ons available that are far more flexible than your average shower head. A prime example of this are dual options that have all the benefits of handheld models, but also come with a overhead option with far more water coverage.

Wrapping up

As ever, we have picked out what we feel are among the top Waterpik shower heads for various reasons ranging from the style through to spray capability. Although they have many competitors, they have many products that hold their own against them and we’ve found several models with feedback from buyers to back that up.