Delta Faucet 75152 review

Finding a suitable shower head is not always an easy ask. That’s why we want to give our readers the best chance of finding a solid match, both in terms of style, and in functionality. We do this by looking at a range of things in individual products including the specifications and feedback,

Today we look at the 75152 model, which is a popular choice for consumers going by the amount of feedback it has received. This is actually comes with a fairly basic design that has the ability to save water, as well as allowing users to swivel the head three hundred and sixty degrees to find an angle suitable to your needs.

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Main features

It operates on Delta’s H2OKinetic technology which is a system built into the head that is designed to provide control over three main things in the jet streams. The first being the speed of output, secondly the size of the water droplets, and thirdly the movement. All of this is built to give users a feeling that there is more water than there actually is. It also allows people to adjust the spray patterns according to their preferences.

One of the things we always look out for when researching individual products is how flexible it is for movement. What we mean by this is, does it swivel through a decent motion range? Well, in this case, you get a swivel system that allows you to position the head at any angle thanks to its ability to swivel up to three hundred and sixty degrees.

Additionally, this has unique flow rate settings in the sense that it can operate as something eco friendly at 1.85 GPM, or it can be adjusted to use more at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. What’s more, the spray jets are built to reduce the chances of being clogged up from mineral deposits which reduces the need for cleaning.

It will also fit nicely into smaller bathrooms with dimensions of 4 inches by 3.9 inches by 3.9 inches.

Wrapping up

We believe that the 75152 contains all the necessary functionality to make your showering an enjoyable experience. Choice of power and spray is an important inclusion, and despite it not offering huge coverage, the ability to swivel in all directions, with the H20Kinetic tech, will make users feel there is a lot of water being pushed through the jets, when in reality, it will help you save up to 36% over some of the competition.