How to replace a showerhead

No doubt you’ve found this page whilst you’re about to upgrade your current shower head to something more modern and feature rich. Today, we’re going to show you the steps required for replacing your old product with a new one.

Find a new model

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Removal of old shower head

Some products are easy to take off, whilst others are a bit trickier. This comes down to how it was previously installed. In some cases, you will find that you can simply turn the head anti clockwise, and keep unscrewing it that direction for it to come off. But not all models are as simple as that. If it requires a bit more force, we suggest getting some pliers and a wrench to loosen and remove it. But, be sure you take care when gripping the shower arm, you may want to put some kind of padding or cloth on it before you grip the arm to prevent damage to the color or finish.

Clean up 

You’re bound to have some rust or mineral deposits left over from where the old shower head was. Do your best to remove as much of this from the thread area ready for the new one to be placed onto the arm mount.


Now it’s time to take some teflon tape around the threads a couple of times. This will provide the ‘stick’ needed, to hold the new head in place.


The next step will depend on the model you have bought, but most fixed heads require you to screw it on the thread and tighten it up after.

Prevent leaks

Turn on the water, inspect the connected area for any leaks coming through. If there is none, congratulations you’ve now replaced your old shower head. Got a small leak? Ensure you tighten again, and make use of teflon tape until all leaks are stopped.