Moen 21005 review

The 21005 Refresh is a combo shower head that could be a ideal match for those looking for something versatile for the fast pace of the modern home. Got pets that need washing down, or hair that needs rinsing? No problem, just get the handheld head. Want a warm, relaxing shower? Enjoy the properties included within the nine inch diameter, seven function head, which provides excellent spray coverage.

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Main features

The water coverage provided by the nine inch head isn’t something built into all models in this industry. It’s a nice design touch that will stop the need to walk around the showering area as the majority of your body will be hit by a spray.

Additionally, the inclusion of a smaller, more flexible head above is ideal in certain scenarios. For washing jobs that need a quick rinse through like shampooing your hair, it removes the need of getting your full body wet. The fifty five inch hose isn’t the longest we’ve come across in our research, but it’s still long enough to ensure users have plenty of reach.

It comes equipped with seven functions or spray patterns ensure users get plenty of choice in finding a preferential spray that meets their comfort requirements. However, readers should note that the fixed option has only one pattern, whilst the handheld has six varying powers.

It includes a nice looking and user friendly design that utilizes a lever on the face plate to turn the stream on and off and we believe it could be considered as an upgrade in a family household.

Wrapping up

The 21005 is unique in some ways because it’s a combo shower. It can do more in an all in one package that many standard options available. And it’s because of this versatile nature it has within it’s design that we believe this could become a good replacement or upgrade for busier households. It’s flexible and also has good coverage, which are two qualities that don’t always go together. However, if you feel that this particular model isn’t a suitable match for you, why not take a look at our other reviews listed here.