Moen S6320 review

The S6320 comes from the Velocity range of the Moen brand. It’s designed for people who would like to get better water coverage on their body through the eight inch diameter rainfall head.

However, even with a larger surface area covered as an option, you’re also still able to alter the spray pattern to what is known as a concentrated rinse. This will be a more powerful alternative to the rain function, but it’s good to have both.

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Main features

Perhaps one of the stand out features we came across when looking into what this product can offer our readers, was the excellent coverage. It’s not very limited like smaller heads, in fact, you will get a larger than average eight inch diameter face that is ideal for a rain shower. Additionally, because of its size, you can expect good coverage.

But don’t think because there are more nozzles, this is going to cause problems with how powerful the water pressure feels. This is because it’s equipped with self pressurizing technology inside that will help push jets of water through the nozzles at up to three times more powerful than it would be otherwise.

You can also choose to switch between the full body and a more concentrated rinse. The first is more for a standard spray with wider coverage, the second offering higher water pressure, but shot through less nozzles.

Whilst it may not be the most impressive in terms of looking after the environment with the standard 2.5 gallons flow rate per minute, we feel the modern design, alongside the large diameter make up for this.

Looking around the web, it does appear to have plenty of fans. In several shops online, we came across plenty of feedback from buyers who have given it a reasonably good rating for the time being. But, we always recommend that our readers take time to sift through some of its reviews themselves, as they often highlight the good and bad parts of this product quite effectively.

Wrapping up

The S6320 is one for those looking to upgrade or modernize their bathroom. The chrome finish matches many materials, colors, and surfaces, and the functionality and diameter offered will make for a more enjoyable and effective showering experience than many standard fixed shower heads available on the market.