Speakman S-2005-HB review

Buying a new, high quality shower head can be tricky at times. You usually need to account for your current plumbing set up as well as the amount of space afforded to you in your bathroom. That’s why we conduct reviews of some of the best selling options on the market to make the decision making process easier you discover a good fit for your requirements.

The model we look at today is the S-2005-HB. This is a highly adjustable option, that despite its small size, it’s equipped with many spray patterns to choose from. In fact it’s capable of producing up to fifty sprays for variety.

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Main features

So what can you expect to get, performance wise, from this small head? Well, for one, don’t let the low price and size deceive you, this is fully capable of producing powerful sprays alongside a huge amount of choice in the type of pattern you use to wash with. In fact, the manufacturer states this can be adjusted between fifty individual patterns, from just five jets. This way you get several high flow massage options, as well as the ability to choose full body rinses for greater coverage.

Made from brass, and finished in a chrome. It’s compact and out the way, but also has a modern feel to it that won’t impact the overall bathroom theme too much in most cases.

The flow rate is that of 2.5 gallons per minute, and the self cleaning nozzles keep maintenance requirements low.

Looking at several online shops around the web where customers have had their say on this product, we can tell that there is a good amount of quality to be found here. The majority of ratings we came across were good, with only a sprinkle of negatives. A good early indication of its capabilities.

Lastly, this is reasonably inexpensive as some shower heads go, so you can get your hands on a product that produces great spray variety without needing to break the bank.

Wrapping up

The S-2005-HB isn’t what we could consider to be the traditional style design. It doesn’t come with a large diameter for excessive coverage, nor does it have technological advancements that allow it to stand out from the crowd. However, what it does come with, is a choice of fifty different powered water streams from full body through to various power massage settings, and it can be adjusted at different angle with Anystream 360. Design wise it may not be the prettiest product in this industry, but it could certainly be a option for home users.