Speakman S-2252 review

The S-2252 Icon Anystream is a high flow shower head that comes with six built in jet spray nozzles that can be altered as per user requirements to switch between forty eight different spray patterns and power.

But that’s not all, despite its reasonably small construction, you can still alter the angles at which water hits you through the use of the 360 degree swivel that will enable people to put it on at an angle that provides the most coverage.

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Main features

The spray patterns is one area this head excels. Unlike some standard products that are very limited with the stream types available, this one, with just six jets, will allow users to switch it up between forty eight different options. This will enable it to push more water out in certain settings that even cater for low water pressures.

What’s more, these jet streams can be adjusted as you shower three hundred and sixty degrees that will help you find the angle you are most comfortable with.

It’s noted as having a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate, alongside a patented plunger technology that will help keep the nozzles clean from those pesky deposits that tend to clog things up over time.

A stylish chrome finish which has quite a minimalist effect, but still fits most modern bathroom themes quite nicely. Additionally, the underlying brass material help add the durability factor to the product. And encase you have a problem with it, you do get limited lifetime warranty coverage.

Wrapping up

Looking through the specifications, we think the S-2252 is an ideal product for a replacement scenario or upgrade to an older model. The level of variety that comes with it in terms of spray settings is good, with a choice of 48 differing spray types. Additionally, the solid brass construction will help improve durability, especially over some other materials in this industry. This is one to research into further if you want something that isn’t too flashy and just gets the job done. Alternatively, you can read more about the competition here. We recommend reading the consumer feedback found on various shops online before you make any final decision. They will highlight the positives and negatives and bring your attention to any problems people may of had previously.